Eli Eisenberg 

The Founder – Eli Eisenberg 

Professional Experience

I have over 25 years of hands-on experience in the financial and business management of entrepreneurial companies.

As founder and CEO of Straight Line Management™, I specialize in providing financial expertise and mentoring to high-potential early-stage companies. I help them to increase profitability, secure funding, evaluate and capitalize on opportunities, streamline financial operations, and get the financial side of the business under control.

Since launching my Straight Line Management consulting company in 1991, I have served as a trusted advisor to more than 60 early-stage companies, both traditional and web-based, across a variety of industries including software and game companies, high and low tech manufacturing companies, wholesale distribution companies, product and services companies, and non-profit organizations.

Prior to starting Straight Line Management I served as Chief Financial Officer for three high technology companies, served in senior financial and operational management positions (including VP of Finance and VP of Operations) in several other high growth companies, and established, ran, and sold my own successful consumer products company.

I have extensive experience in strategic planning, capital raising strategies, financial management and forecasting, business plan preparation, and development and streamlining of management reporting systems and controls. I received my MBA from the University of California, Berkeley in 1976 and was a Certified Public Accountant in the State of California from 1978 to 1992. I am also a Fellow of the Larta Institute, where I conduct workshops and mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs.

My Approach

As CEO and founder of Straight Line Management, I work at the senior level, as a trusted advisor to CEOs, CFOs, Boards, and investors. In high-potential companies, I counsel senior management and guide existing staff towards the identification of profitable business opportunities, the solution of complex financial problems, and the development of improved management systems. I help your company create a strong and credible financial foundation that will attract investors. I also work with investors to assess and develop the financial strength of their potential investments and portfolio companies.